Tellicherry (?), 1950s.

vintage picture of lady students in home economics class

I'm guessing these are aunty's batchmates and the picture is either a skit or demo from a fest, or maybe even from an Home Economics / Home Science class. 

There was a time when Home Economics / Home Science was common in India - a time when women were expected to be solely responsible for homemaking, and the classes 'prepared' them for that role - marriage and after. Thankfully these days the course is not about that.

What caught my attention is the tin of Ovaltine in the right of the picture - the lady seems to be adjusting it's position. Ovaltine - a malt drink like Bournvita - was huge in India though by the time of my childhood it was mostly Bournvita and Boost (there was also Nutramul in the malt foods category though that seems to have vanished.)